July 18, 2016

Facility Planning

Some of the most important work in your community takes place in your school buildings.  Those buildings need to be designed to meet the educational programs that are being delivered there.  Classrooms, special learning spaces, and support spaces need to be “right sized” to accommodate district standards and community needs.

Project Management and Approach

We believe a successful planning project depends on establishing clear expectations and managing the project to achieve those expectations. Teater-Crocker applies these fundamental concepts of successful project management including a concise work plan, clearly assigned responsibilities, a common vision of the final product, frequent communications between team members, and periodic progress meetings between team members and between the project manager and the client.  Schedules and timelines are monitored and updated as needed.

Our approach to the project is based on our experience conducting similar projects for school districts around the country emphasizing cooperation and collaboration with the district team.

Recent Facilities Planning Examples

Each of the recent Facility Master Planning projects required a survey of educational programs, enrollment projections, capacity analysis, functional adequacy assessments, physical condition assessments, exploration of facility improvement options, cost estimates, and facilitating the work of a District committee.  In addition, the Spokane Public Schools project was a multi-year project that also included annual GIS-based enrollment projections, a grade configuration study, attendance boundary adjustments and feeder school patterns.  For a list of all representative projects please click here.

  Moses Lake School District, WA  (view final board presentation here)

  Spokane Public Schools, WA

  Centralia School District, WA

  Kalama School District, WA

  Chimacum School District, WA

  Lake Pend Oreille School District, ID

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